Mad Monster Friends Kids Art Print | Carla Martell

Mad Monster Friends collage by Carla Martell
I came across an old sketchbook the other day while cleaning up my messy studio - I can tell it's quite old because of the embellishments by a certain small child (who is no longer small at all!) He liked copying my drawings and I think he captured their character quite beautifully, in his own unique way. We also used to 'share' drawings, where I'd draw a bit and he'd draw a bit, and so on. 
This particular ballpoint pen doodle was taken from its original resting place and digitally transformed into one of my very first design collections, Monster Friends. I'm happy to have them in the shop as not only a reminder of my first steps into creating art for products, but also of the fun we had drawing silly creatures together. Sigh! (cue a little wave of nostalgia). I'm sure he's not feeling sentimental at all - he's been coerced into modelling the very first Monster Friends T shirt, saw his little baby cousin squeezed into a monster-covered baby bodysuit, and still has a great big monster-filled canvas print hanging in his room. Poor boy.