Doodle sketches & illustrations | Carla Martell

Sometimes with the busyness of work and home life it's easy to forget about making art just for fun. Last year I started a daily project that I called Art Hour, where I mucked around with whatever art materials were lying around my studio. It didn't always last a full hour and sometimes it didn't happen every day - but I've noticed that when I keep up the practice, I feel a lot better about everything in general. 

Except for one thing - the word 'art'. Aaargh! Things started to seem a bit too serious and not much fun, as I found myself getting all wound up about what I was creating and sharing online, and not having a happy time doing it.

So to take the pressure off, Art Hour has now been replaced with the way less intimidating Doodle Hour. Doodling is something I've always done - at school (often in trouble for), during phone calls and in the most boring of meetings! No more Art, just a collection of silly cats, birds and robots. Fancy joining me? I'd love to meet you there.