Christmas Colouring Bus Printable | Carla Martell

Xmas Bus Colouring Page for Kids | Scruffcat

Hello colouring page people! Here’s the last (but not least) free printable for the year, and there's lots to keep the kids busy. They could use it as an advent calendar, colouring in one window of the bus each day up until Christmas Eve - or just have a marathon arty crafty session and decorate the whole lot at once!

If it’s too fiddly for little hands, just print it out on a bigger piece of paper, or maybe even cut out the individual windows and use them as gift tags or tiny cards. Head on over here to download the page, and feel free to share with your friends and family. 

TERMS OF USE: I love to share free stuff, but please note that all printables are for personal use only, and aren't to be posted to any other websites or blogs. If you'd like to share them (and I hope you will), please send your friends to this page to download their own version. Thanks!