Crazy Cats Yoga Leggings | Carla Martell

Black & white cats yoga leggings | Carla Martell

Being someone who has done yoga for years (off and on), I’ve had lots of practice wearing all kinds of workout pants/leggings/tights. My favourite ones are comfy, soft, non-pilling and easy around the waist area - not always easy to find! Now that yoga leggings are in the shop, I knew it was really important to get them road (or squat!) tested by someone who practices every day and wears a LOT of leggings.

Haidee is a wonderful yoga teacher in Auckland, New Zealand (that's her in the pic, moving like a cat), and she’s been trying out my black and white cat leggings for a few months now. Her verdict? ‘They’re the softest leggings and they fit like a glove.’ And they really are - I have some myself and they’re the comfiest leggings ever. They’re also non-fading, machine washable and handmade from custom printed fabric designed by yours truly.

Make like a cat and check out our new yoga legging collection here!